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According to a recent report from WWF, the extraction of gold is associated to a broad range of environmental issues. To get 1 kg of gold from our precious planet, 100 tonnes of waste rock are produced, and 12.5 tonnes of CO2 equivalent are emitted. Moreover, in 2015 ca. 838 tonnes of mercury were freed in the air from artisanal and small-scale gold mining, making this activity the single largest source of anthropogenic mercury emission.

We need to act towards the establishment of a circular economy of gold, where both the resource intensive extraction of this precious metal is minimized, and the already extracted gold is efficiently recycled.

At Goold AG, sustainability is at the core of our vision and mission: we aim at designing innovative, light-weight gold alloys that can be easily recycled.

Being our materials made of gold, fillers and proteins from waste side-streams, we pioneer the possibility of recycling gold from jewels, watches and electronic components through processes that involve relatively low temperatures and common/non-toxic solvents.

This opens incredible new routes: let’s discover them together!

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Stone used for facade finishing