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New York Times, April 2021

"Metallurgists at places like ETH Zurich.... make pieces that are lightweight and affordable - and likely will redefine our understanding of preciousness and luxury."

Science Alert, January 2020

"New Super-Light Form of 'Plastic' Gold Is 18-Carat But Weighs Up to 10 Times Less", January 2020

"The discovery will thrill lovers of gold watches and heavy jewelry. The objects of their desire may someday become much lighter, but without losing any of their glitter. No one wants to wear a heavy watch on their wrist, even if it’s made of real gold. After a time, it becomes uncomfortable and annoying."

Material District, January 2020

"While plastic gold will be in particular demand in the manufacture of watches and jewellery, it is also suitable for chemical catalysis, electronics applications or radiation shielding."

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