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Scrooge McDuck, fantasy character of the Disney world, finds gold and treasures with his incredible sniff; all his richness gets accumulated in his deposit, where he literally swims in a sea made of his precious coins. How much easier the swim of Scrooge would be, if he had some of our light.goold!

Goold AG manifactures innovative gold materials by using very small (nano-) particles. We start with very simple ingredients: a gold salt, acidic water and proteins that are a waste side-stream of cheese production and we obtain microscopic gold platelets that we use as building blocks of our final materials. These gold platelets also have the unique property of being very shiny.

What about having gold platelets suspended in water, so that the solution flows like a fluid but shines like gold? This is what our liquid.goold is all about.

Facade photo
Stone used for facade finishing