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We are proud to present a new way of manufacturing gold which is lighter than air and at a cheaper cost of production.

Our esteemed inventors - Raffaele Mezzenga, Bolisetty Sreenath, and Leonie van’t Hag have developed a gold production method of three-​dimensional mesh of gold that consists mostly of pores.

Prof. Raffaele Mezzenga




The gold mesh is produced in contact with amyloid protein fibrils of milk. The whole process is simple and efficient. It uses the gold salt and milk to produce nanometer-thick fibrils, which then form the gold aerogel.

Facade photo
Stone used for facade finishing




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This patented method of producing light gold has a lot of applications - watches, jewellery, electronics, gold-dependent chemical catalysis reactions, manufacturing pressure sensors and much more.

If your company wants to manufacture lighter gold by a cheaper chemical process giving more yield, this is the best option for you. Take a look at our gold products.

Камень для отделки фасадов

Our Products


Properties of our gold - 18K gold, Density 0.7 – 3.9 g/cm3, Weight: 0.22 g, Cost per 0.1 cm3 ≈ 20.05 CHF